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Lana Wood: “An Incorrigible Tomboy”

sistersAs Plenty O’Tool she seduced James Bond in a casino and she posed nude for PLAYBOY, but ask Lana Wood to describe herself, and she certainly shies away from the term ‘sex symbol.’ “Believe it or not, I was an incorrigible tomboy as a kid,” said Wood. And like most tomboys, Lana never dreamed of becoming an actress, but when your big sister is movie star Natalie Wood, you sort of gravitate towards the family business.

In an interview with Jim Longworth she is reported to have said: “I think when you’re born into a household where your sister is already a recognized star and things revolved completely around the motion picture industry, then that becomes your norm. But I don’t think that would have been what I would have planned or chosen for myself.

I actually wanted to be a marine biologist for many years, but I was always working. But I like acting very much. I love meeting new people, even being uprooted constantly going from set to set. But no, I didn’t want to be a star. I just wanted to do my work and go home.

And though Lana didn’t want to follow in Natalie’s footsteps, her first film role had her playing a younger version of her older sister in “The Searchers.” It was a classic Western that gave little Lana a chance to be around all sorts of critters and one larger than life cowboy.”